Monday, June 27, 2005


I have finished installing my air conditioner and MAN! I'm in love! It's a bit noisy, but that's okay. It's F-ing hot and humid and sticky outside. But, in my bedroom, in my bedroom, I have brass waterbed. I have an Italian cook, Gino Saskatcha- Sorry I was Channeling Morris Day. In my bedroom I have a 6000BTU air conditioner and my room is sooo COOL!


Tours are available.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Modern parent/child conversations

A relative of mine, who is a mother (M), recently told me this funny story about a conversation she had with her eighteen year old son (S).

M walks into living room to see S playing Grand theft Auto.

Why is the car shaking?

I'm having sex with a prostitute. If I kill her I get double points

Son, just pay her and let her out.

Well, you have to enforce moralty M told me later. I laughed my ass off when she told me this. She was a little embarassed, but I kept on laughing. I have faith in both her and her son to do the right thing.

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