Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Night Stuff

Alexis made me dinner a couple of months ago, because I lent her some of my lighting gear and a wireless lavs for a shoot she had. It was very yummy pasta and very yummy wine that we had with it. Alexis works in a wine shop, Mr. Wright, so she is able to get very good wine.

We went up to the roof of her building and looked at the cars, the GW bridge and pondered on some lights up in the night sky that didn't move, but stayed in place. Don't know what they were.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007


Nightscape, Virginia, August, 2007.

I've always been interested in taking pictures at night. I'm not really sure why. Ever since I was in high school, when I began to do my own darkroom work. I enjoyed taking long exposures and then seeing what my experiments had brought. It's still fun, because I have a better idea of what things will look like, but you still don't always know exactly what you'll get and that's part of the fun.

Nightscape, Virginia, August, 2007.

I like the camera's ability to see into the darkness and the way the different colored streetlights create interesting pools of light and reflections. I also like the feeling of isolation and decay that accompanies these photos, because I'm in an urban area, or on some old bridge, or factory. Rochester was great. I did a lot of night photography and I even did some 8x10 night shots.

Here is my walk across the Queensboro Bridge last year:

Other night shots:
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