Saturday, April 02, 2005

Happy 50th Mom and Dad!

Today is the fiftieth Anniversary of my parent's wedding. Wow. Five kids, one grandchild, two houses and over a dozen cars later, They're still together and I think they still like each other.

Congratulations on a very Golden Anniversary, Art and Alice.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Pope fixin' to die

I was trying to come up with a Pope's Blues, but thought better of it, at the risk of going to Hell (if there be a Hell) and offending the more religious Catholic friends I have.

But when I heard the news this morning, they said that instead of going to the hospital, the Pope was staying in his apartment overlooking St Peter's square, I thought to myself he's "fixin' to die". Any good blues song incorporates the phrase: "fixin' to die". I wrote a song a bout it. You wanna hear it? Here it is:

I ain't goin' to no hospital
I'm staying in the Papal apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square
'cause I'm fixin' to die.

Perhaps sung in the style of Calhoun Tubbs, which ends the song with an "Ahhhh haaaaah".

Followed by a harmonica solo by Motolicious.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Theivery Corporation

No, not the group, the large Japanese corporation, Toshiba.

"A California jury awarded Lexar Media an additional $84 million in punitive damages, upping the total that Toshiba has to pay for stealing trade secrets to $465.4 million."
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Toshiba sold American Submarine secrets to the Soviets in the 80's so I'm not surprised to hear about this. Though I was reading some posts that Lexar was not in the best of shape and that the Lexar people were hoping for a sympathetic jury in what is said to be a very flimsy case. But I haven't really been able to find anything further than hearsay. So I'll print rumors. But, The whole thing about U.S. Defense secrets being sold off, makes me think that they're guilty. Although, interestingly enough, the Norwegian Company Kongsberg also machined sub props and sold their secrets to the Sovs too, but didn't get in as much trouble as Toshiba.


I experimenting with the Verdana typeface. I like it, it's a little more legible and I'm a bit tired of Arial. This is the large size, the previous post was in Normal size.

Terry Schiavo's Blog

This is in really poor taste. At first I thought that maybe it was the Pope's new blog.

I'm going to Hell, I know, I know it!

Harvard Students Unhappy

According to this article, Harvard undergrads are unhappy. I asked my Dad, who teaches there, if this was true. He didn't really say much. He laughed and said he read it too, but didn't think so, but he really didn't know. By the time they get to him, they've been through med school and graduated. He takes them on grand rounds and they get to poke and prod patients and make diagnoses.

I was depressed in college because I wasn't getting laid. They used to call me Christmas.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Dark Chocolate Empire

Okay this is kinda lame, but what the hell. Hapless M&M's lured to the Dark Side. Or should I say Dork Side?

Fun links

Here are some fun links, The Cartoon network version of the Sopranos with Fred Flintstone and Harvey Birdman. Who do you want me to whack?

Click on one of hte Rejected files, very funny. Silly Hats Only.

Summoner Geeks, you've probably already seen it "Where're the Cheetos?

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Burger chain gives woman the finger

Or should I say: Woman fingers Wedy's in bizarre chili mishap

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Sales have dropped sharply at Wendy's fast food restaurants in the area of northern California where a woman claimed she found part of a finger in a bowl of chili, but analysts say the company's long-term prognosis should not be affected.

Peter Oakes, a restaurant analyst with Piper Jaffray & Co. in New York, said he doesn't expect Wendy's business to suffer long term from the discovery Tuesday night of a partial finger.

The hamburger chain serves about 6 million meals a day across the country and has a "national reputation for both quality and cleanliness," he said.

"To me the yard stick here is whether the single incident prompts the consumer to lose confidence in the brand. It's understandable to see some kind of knee-jerk reaction," Oakes said.

Franchise owners have informed the company's corporate headquarters in the Columbus suburb of Dublin that business is down, said Denny Lynch, spokesman for Wendy's International Inc. He said he could not release specific sales figures because Wendy's does not own those restaurants.

"It is an isolated incident. However, it is dramatically affecting sales in that market," Lynch said.

Authorities in San Jose, Calif., planned to search a fingerprint database on Friday to try to identify the finger's owner.

Capt. Bob Dixon of the Santa Clara County coroner's office said he did not know when their fingerprint expert might have a match. "Nobody's claimed it yet," he said.

Full story

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