Friday, April 01, 2005

Pope fixin' to die

I was trying to come up with a Pope's Blues, but thought better of it, at the risk of going to Hell (if there be a Hell) and offending the more religious Catholic friends I have.

But when I heard the news this morning, they said that instead of going to the hospital, the Pope was staying in his apartment overlooking St Peter's square, I thought to myself he's "fixin' to die". Any good blues song incorporates the phrase: "fixin' to die". I wrote a song a bout it. You wanna hear it? Here it is:

I ain't goin' to no hospital
I'm staying in the Papal apartment overlooking St. Peter's Square
'cause I'm fixin' to die.

Perhaps sung in the style of Calhoun Tubbs, which ends the song with an "Ahhhh haaaaah".

Followed by a harmonica solo by Motolicious.


Tricia in Kansas said...

Damn you beat me to the "Picking on the Pope for Dying" blog.

I want to hear the song. Can you make it in Midi and post it on your site?

Geekbird said...

Geekbird is going to be the new pope

motolicious said...

I'm ready to jammin' blues for Pope.
Well, this time , I'll cover Greg Allman:
"No, I'm no angel,,,yeeeeeeehaaaaaaaa!"

Let's jive!

Mark Sasahara said...

I can try, it might take a few days, I'm going away for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

don't give up your day job...

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