Sunday, July 10, 2005

Alexis is Moving to NY! YAY! And I met up with Mat...

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Alexis is moving to NYC! Yay! I met up with Mat and Alexis at the MET and we had a drink on the rooftop cafe, after looking at the Roger Fenton exhibit. Pretty cool. I miss shooting 8x10. THAT was fun.

I had to get a light meter @ B&H, so I had to break away, but then we met back up for dinner. Alexis was in the mood for Italian, so we ate at some place on Mulberry Street. I had veal Marsala and it was really good. Mat had penne & chicken with a really tasty sauce. Mat didn't finish it so I did (oink). Alexis had the gnocchi also with a tasty sauce.

We wandered up past Houston and felt like having coffee, so Mat directed us to the Cafe Gitano. We both fell in love with the waitress, a lovely girl with short red hair and an even shorter blue dress. All the waitresses (both of them) there were redheads.

We then wandered up town a bit and decided a movie would be good, so we went to Union Square to see Batman Begins. Pretty good. It didn't suck. I like Christian Bale. Katie Holmes is cute, but didn't really add anything o the film. Alexis, or the waitress would have been better choices. More hotter.

*Thanks to Mat for reminding me we were at the MET.
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