Thursday, September 28, 2006

Part of the show


Last night (Wednesday) I went to see Ladytron and CSS at Webster Hall. They were both really great and I had a blast. I think the best part was when CSS's lead singer, Lovefoxxx, came off the stage and into the crowd to dance. I was right in the area that she wandered into and she sort of launched herself at me and I ended up catching her, but I almost dropped her. She did this a couple of times and I picked her up and spun her around a bit. It was really hilarious and fun. CSS stands for Cansei De Ser Sexy, Portugese for Tired of Being Sexy. A line Beyonce said once. They are a really fun party band from Brazil.

Ladytron was really good. I think I liked their music more, but CSS is so much fun! Ladytron reminds me a bit of Gary Numan but with a modern edge, a really propulsive sound and weight. I haven't heard their albums, but in concert they really kick ass. Oh, yeah their light show and video were pretty cool too. It was really weird because they started their show by playing the 70's Jeff Wayne War Of The Worlds album featuring the voice of Richard Burton as The Journalist and Justin Hayward, of the Moody blues, singing the lyrics of the songs. They played Sir Richard's narration and then Forever Autumn, the single from the album.

After CSS's set ended, I went out into the hall for a beer and to get their CD. I noticed Lovefoxx talking to some of her friends, so I went over and thanked her for the dance. Realzing I had an opportunity, I went back to the merch table and got a Sharpie, which Lovefoxxx used to sign my disc. She wrote: "LuvFx Thanks for the dance.

Monday, September 25, 2006

More silliness

On set at Don't Sweat It, Mitch has been doing some Randy "Macho Man" Savage impressions that are funny, especially at one in the morning and you've been on set since 8am, the previous day. Here are some Macho Man links from Youtube. Enjoy, Ooh Yeeaahh.

You have only begun to discover your tower of power

Green Eggs and Ham

Those cockaroaches!

The Vader Sessions

Update: The links below no longer work. So, Let's go directly to the source,

Oh lordy, what to do when the romance been gone...

That's romantic enough, bubbles in yo bathtub.
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