Sunday, April 30, 2006


Suddenly things picked up, Thursday so I'll be busy shooting the next few days. Mostly interview type stuff, but it's good to be shooting.

I'll try and post some photos. I have some flower pix and some other stuff I'd like to put up.

Had dinner at Hello Berlin, on 10th Ave and 44th St. Very yummy german food and beer, beergarden style. I had the goulash and Pototo panckes, plus another potato dish that came with the entree. I was stufed. We both had Dortmunder Pils. Mat had a sandwich and was also stuffed.

I loaned Mat my 80-200 still lens for something he had to shoot. He was about 2000 feet across a pond from some marker ballons that show the height of some proposed buildings on the site. We were both wondering if the photos would be any good and thought perhaps being so far away was a strategic measure. I'll have to find out how it went. Mat?
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