Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My phone is also a projector

Surfing around, I came across this little entry about a prototype projector phone:

Microvision has announced their collaboration with Motorola to include the Pico projector into mobile applications. PicoP is an ultra-miniature laser based display that can fit into mobile phones and laptop computers.

Imagine being able to use your phone to shoot photos and video and then project these images onto a wall, or screen.

What's really cool is that eventually you could use your phone, or handheld device-iPod, Treo, Blackberry, iPhone, laptop, etc and use the built-in projector to show your photos, film, or video onto a small screen, or wall for clients, friends and family. That would be really cool. Now you don't have to hand around the camera, or phone, or whatever, you can just project it.

I wonder if it will get bright enough to show in daylight?

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