Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Ann sent me a review of Eartha Kitt performing at the Cafe Carlyle. I was thinking that we share the same birthday, but a quick internet search found that her B-Day is a little before mine. I was looking for other Aquarians and I was bewlidered to find that Andrew Ridgeley, formery of Wham! has the exact same birthday as me.

I somehow feel cheap and dirty.

On the good side, Paul Newman, Lucinda Williams, Wayne Greztky, Douglas McArthur, Anita Baker, Gene Siskel, Eddie Van Halen, Scott Glenn, Nicolae Ceausescu, Stephane Grapelli, Maria Von Trapp, Bessie Coleman, plus a number of composers, cricketeers, runners and politicians. I know, I'm a bigot, I mainly identify with people from the 20th Century. Abner Doubleday, inventor of baseball was also born on my Birthday, in 1819.

Andrew Ridgeley. Shit. As I read his bio, I find disturbing coincedences. I can't write anymore, Chinese food has arived.
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