Friday, December 16, 2005


heh, I was so tired I turned the radio off and slept for about an hour. I'm watching Yahoo streaming (go to Howard's site and click on the crowd photo 12- 16- 05) and Howard is driving around Manhattan in a bus.


Oh, I'm up so early because I took eric to the airport. We awoke at 4:30.

Thank you K-ROCK

WXRK, the Alt Rock station here in NYC and home of Howard Stern.

Dead Air Dave, gave his farewell speech and Howard's show just started. I'm going to miss the station, but I'm curious to see how the new format sounds. Penn Jillette will have his own show, David Lee Roth will take over the morning drive time slot and Booker and his crew will be on 7pm to 11.

I'd like to go to Howard's rally, there'll be strippers, hookers from the Bunny Ranch, horny females, but I just have way too much pre-pro work for Jess Furman's music video-I'm shooting this weekend and I am talking to some other folks about a shoot in January. It sounds like the rally would be a crazy fun time, alas, duty calls.

I'm sure both Howard's site and the K-Rock site will have lot's of photos.

Rally goes from 8am to 10 am, I'm a bit late blogging this, but WTF. Go to West 56th St. between Fifth and Sixth enter on fifth Ave.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Black Slime and the Marshalls. Oh, wait they're the same thing.

Confession time. So, I have been busy, lazy and depressed. Needless to say much of the housework hasn't been getting done. I take out the trash, do some basic bathroom and kitchen cleaning, but not much. Laundry. I do shower daily, in case you were wondering, I'm not a complete pig.

So, dishes. Yeah, a big pile of 'em. Sitting, for months, not moving, pools of water, sitting. Getting brackish. No mosquitos, but unfortunately, black slime.

Where ever the water has been sitting, it eventually fouls and black slimey, furry mold grows. So I'm a dirtbag, what can I say. No excuse.

Cups, plates, glasses and silverware have been sitting there for a number of months. But, with the impending arrival of my nephew, who will stay overnoight so he can take an early morning flight, I've been cleaning. A bit.

Oh, I had big plans: clean up, do laundry, get the boxes out of the apartment and thrown away, or put in storage. Yep, gonna clean house. But that didn't happen.

Between meetings for upcoming projects, various errands and now with my car getting towed, my plans have been blasted out of the water. I know it's mainly my fault for not keeping to my plans, but I have also been busy, with more things piling on as the days progress.

I have vanquished to dishes and the sink is finally clean, mostly. There are a few glasses that are not slimey, but they are dirty, so I'll get to those later. But I'm feeling pretty good about having cleared that up. Small victories, baby steps.

The bathroom is clean and I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and taken some equipment to storage, but the place is still a complete wreck and I'll just have to keep the momentum up. As Mommy says, do a little each day. That's the hardest part.

Now off to the f-in' Marshal's to pay my tickets and get my car back. As soon as I'm behind the wheel, I go up to West Point to get my Nephew. Pray the towers didn't f up my car. We'll hang here in Frushing and get dinner, but we'll crash early, since he's got to be at the airport at 5:45 am. He'll be heading home to ABQ for the holidays. I'm thankful that at that early hour, Laguardia is only a ten minute drive.

Then, the rest of Friday, I run around and get ready to shoot a music video over the weekend, read a script for a January shoot, return a camera, teach someone about cameras and go and get supplies for the weekend shoot. All in one day. Sure, no prob.

But what I really want to do is go and see Vena.

Monday, December 12, 2005

HTML help and color scheme

Well she was an American Girl
Raised on promises
She couldn't help thinkin that there
Was a little more to life
Somewhere else...

Sorry, I'm listening to the radio. Poor Ben Harvey, Thursday is his last day on WXRK. January 3 WXRK goes from Alt Rock to All Talk. But I digress.

Ah, yeah, I need some help with HTML and colors. Is there a chart that tells you what number corresponds to what color? Is it arranged by hue value and chroma? It's a three number code, so I'm not sure WTF. I've been messing around, but not getting any suitable colors. I'd also like to make the main area wider, but I'll get to that in a couple of weeks.

And now back to the Petty-Man:

...God it’s so painful
Something that’s so close
And still so far out of reach

Oh yeah, all right
Take it easy baby
Make it last all night
American Girl Lyrics

Bush hates the Constitution

Dipshit, says of our Constitution: "It's just a goddamned piece of paper".

That comment keeps in place his mantle of Worst President EVER!

First place to look second place that has this info. I'm sure there's more. You folks may have already seen/read this, but I just found out and I'm pissed.

Why hasn't anyone started the impeachment proceedings against this lying thief? Do I have to everything myself?

Via AgnostoLibertarianTechnoGeek

Sunday, December 11, 2005


Luckily, I have been quite busy. At this time last year, I spent most of my time surfing the internet, making prank phone calls and staring at the walls. For the past few weeks, I have been filling in for Ramin, who is a friend of a friend, who is in demand, so I've been shooting a lot. YAY!!

I like gaffing and I like when people rent my lights, but I want to be shooting and that's what I've been doing.

I'm also shooting a music video for Bengt next week, should be fun. I'll be using my camera, lights and dolly. Woohoo! The week after, I'm doing my laast fill in gigs for Ramin. I thnk. I don't know when he's returning, but I hope it's later rather than sooner. No offense, I just want to be shooting.


11:30am - 9pm Scout locations for a few hours with Bengt, go home get things together and then go to my storage unit and get lighting and grip gear ready for my shoot on Friday. Plus get gear ready for the Friday night trip to Boston for a shoot with Ted on Saturday.


5:30am - 6:40am wake up get a few things together for the gigs

6:40am - 7:00am drag all my camera gear and monitor down to the car garage. No elevator to basement, building super hasn't woken up yet to unlock elevator. Negotiate gear on cart down several sets of stairs and into the garage. Load up car.

7am - 8am- Go to Storage, get gear for shoot and then load up car.

8am - 9am- Go into Manhattan, to shoot.

9am - 7pm- Unload car, take gear up freight elevator to 12th flr, go back down to car and go down 2 blocks and park car. Return and set up lights and camera Shoot all day in a tiny HOT, stuffy, airless room. Fun shoot, good people, but the space wasn't designed properly and really sucks, not enough space and no A/C. Tear down set up, pack up gear, go get car. Take stuff down to lobby and pack up my car. Go home.

7pm - 8pm- Driving through Manhattan always sucks, this is no exception.

8:00 - 8:30Meet Ted and Irin, the sound guy, in my garage to load up the minivan with all my camera and lighting gear. Remove the two way-back seats from the van and stash them in the back of my car, until we return. Requires another trip up to my apartment to get the last bit of stuff and we're off.

8:30pm - 1am Drive to Boston, Framingham to be exact. We're just a few miles from my parent's house.


7:15am - 8:30am Wake up.

8:30am - 10am Look for a place to have a nice breakfast. We end up going to Johnny's, in Newton Center, about a half mile from my parents house. If we just take a right turn down that street...

10am- Arrive at the location, there's lot's of snow and no one to let us in. So we wait for people to arive. Ted makes some calls.

10:15-11:45 Finally start loading in and setting up. Ted gives m a little help, but he's producer/Director, he's got more important things to worry about.

11:45 cameras are rolling! Talent is kind of a pain in the ass, and isn't letting Ted direct. Looks like it's gonna be a looonnngggg day. Dude's not letting anyone do their job. Oy!

11:45am - 6:30pm Shoot, shoot, shoot. Quick lunch break. Shoot some more, flirt with Ashley, one of the girls in the video. Shoot more. We're moving into another room, so we'll need more time for the reset. Looks like we're not moving, fine. Reset lights in sound studio. That doesn't happen because the talent decides to just keep going right into the next section. The lighting looks half assed and the camera angles are so-so. Not enough time given to do things properly. At least we're done about on time.

6:30pm - 7:30pm pack up and load out.

7:30pm - 11pm Ted drives us back home. I'm the first one to be dropped, but we also have to unload all my lighting and camera gear out of the van and put everything into my car. Ted and Irin put the seats back into the van.

11pm - 1am Drag large heavy bags up to my apartment, check email, drink beer, relax, go to bed
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