Thursday, December 15, 2005

Black Slime and the Marshalls. Oh, wait they're the same thing.

Confession time. So, I have been busy, lazy and depressed. Needless to say much of the housework hasn't been getting done. I take out the trash, do some basic bathroom and kitchen cleaning, but not much. Laundry. I do shower daily, in case you were wondering, I'm not a complete pig.

So, dishes. Yeah, a big pile of 'em. Sitting, for months, not moving, pools of water, sitting. Getting brackish. No mosquitos, but unfortunately, black slime.

Where ever the water has been sitting, it eventually fouls and black slimey, furry mold grows. So I'm a dirtbag, what can I say. No excuse.

Cups, plates, glasses and silverware have been sitting there for a number of months. But, with the impending arrival of my nephew, who will stay overnoight so he can take an early morning flight, I've been cleaning. A bit.

Oh, I had big plans: clean up, do laundry, get the boxes out of the apartment and thrown away, or put in storage. Yep, gonna clean house. But that didn't happen.

Between meetings for upcoming projects, various errands and now with my car getting towed, my plans have been blasted out of the water. I know it's mainly my fault for not keeping to my plans, but I have also been busy, with more things piling on as the days progress.

I have vanquished to dishes and the sink is finally clean, mostly. There are a few glasses that are not slimey, but they are dirty, so I'll get to those later. But I'm feeling pretty good about having cleared that up. Small victories, baby steps.

The bathroom is clean and I've gotten rid of a bunch of stuff and taken some equipment to storage, but the place is still a complete wreck and I'll just have to keep the momentum up. As Mommy says, do a little each day. That's the hardest part.

Now off to the f-in' Marshal's to pay my tickets and get my car back. As soon as I'm behind the wheel, I go up to West Point to get my Nephew. Pray the towers didn't f up my car. We'll hang here in Frushing and get dinner, but we'll crash early, since he's got to be at the airport at 5:45 am. He'll be heading home to ABQ for the holidays. I'm thankful that at that early hour, Laguardia is only a ten minute drive.

Then, the rest of Friday, I run around and get ready to shoot a music video over the weekend, read a script for a January shoot, return a camera, teach someone about cameras and go and get supplies for the weekend shoot. All in one day. Sure, no prob.

But what I really want to do is go and see Vena.


twoputtbirdy said...

I thought the outback was indoors, out of sight of prying eyes?

Mark Sasahara said...

I made the mistake of taking her out of the garage.

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