Saturday, November 19, 2005

Friday Night Out

I had been lusting after Vena all night and was surprised I hadn't thought of it sooner- body shots. Maria, wearing only a bra and frilly panties demanded that I do a body shot."You're doing a body shot with me" leaning over the bar, her face a few inches from mine.

My first inclination would have been to drink the tequila off of the yummy tummy of Vena, one of the other dancing bar tenders, but Maria grabbed Juliana and told her to lie down on the bar. Meanwhile there is a lot of activity all around, everyone, mostly men, having a good time. Earlier, one very drunk suit and tie jams his fist in the air and declares: "I FUCKING LOVE PUSSY"

Amen brother, I fucking love pussy.

The three dancing bartenders are up on the bar shaking their money makers to some country song and we are all transfixed. Maria has an especially shapely behind and when she smacks her ass, it makes a lovely slapping noise. It's almost ass good as going to a strip club, but there's no cover and the drinks aren't over priced. There's no nudity, but it's still fun and you can kiss the girls, which is how I ended both body shots.

I had left the bar with friends and decided to come back and see if one of the barmaids who was allegedly "giving me the eye" was still there. Deanna wasn't there, but Vena was. I must admit I am more attracted to Vena. I probably should have engaged Deanna earlier, but my focus was on Vena. I flirted with Vena. When she asked me: "What do you need?" I said: I need love. Pause. But I'll take a Heineken. She grabbed my hair and pulled me closer asking: "What kind of love?" "Oh y'know the usual, I said. She laughed. But I didn't tell her what the usual was and then realized I sounded boring. I'm working on my technique. It wasn't until later I thought of:"the kind that leaves you wet, tired and very very satisfied." Not sure if that would have been over the line or not.

So I got another beer and enjoyed the show. That's when Maria suggested the body shots.

Maria did a body shot on Juliana and wow it was hott. It is the Penthouse fantasy girl couple, light skinned Juliana with long blonde hair laying on the bar with the dark haired, tan skinned Maria straddling her. Watching Maria's very sexy mouth lick up the salt and then lick and suck up the tequila was so exciting. Then, Maria took the lemon out of Juliana's mouth and gave her a very long, deep, passionate kiss that had me riveted and eager for my shot.

Juliana is still lying on her back and because she's wearing low rider jeans and a very small vintage looking bikini top, her belly is uncovered. Soon I am uncovered. Part of the body shot requires the removal of my shirt by Maria.

Maria sprinkles salt over Juliana's soft pale skin and then grabs a hand full of hair on the back of my head and shoves my face into Juliana's soft belly. I obligingly lick the salt off her stomach and moments later, my head is pulled away. Then Maria cups her hand over the top of a plastic cup full of tequila and pours it all over Juliana's tummy. I eagerly begin licking and slurping up the tequila and drink all of it out of her belly button. Innies are hot. Too soon, my head is yanked up.

I then am told to be a gentleman and take the lemon out of Juliana's mouth. I do this, but with a liberal amount of tongue play and I use my mouth to retrieve the lemon from her warm lips. Mmmm, I really like kissing pretty girls.

I think I thanked her. At some point Maria used my T-shirt to rub the tequila off my face. I am getting my money out to pay for the two shots, Maria is sitting on the bar thanking me. As I give her an extra long French kiss, she is practically grabbing the money out of my hand plus extra for the tip. Um, you're welcome. I think.

It was all so quick that, while I was mostly satisfied, I was still left wanting more. Vena more.

I flag down Maria and tell her I want to do a body shot on Vena.

Vena has long curly brown hair, light colored eyes (I couldn't really tell ,the lights are dimmed), a very ample bosom in a T-shirt ripped into a v-neck to show her lovely decolletage, very short shorts with a studded white belt and very old shit kicker cowboy boots. She is very shapely, energetic and enthusiastic. I'm in lust.

Body shot time. Maria was again very sexy, straddling Vena as she lovingly licked Vena all over, for her shot. It wasn't quite as sexy as the tongue bath she gave Juliana, but it was sexy nonetheless. I'm a little distracted, by what I don't know, but I'm not enjoying it as much as I'd like to. I think I want Vena's head to be to my left and not to the right. That and the semi humiliation of Maria wiping my face with my shirt that will happen shortly.

Oh boy! It's my turn.

The ritual is repeated. Maria unbuttons my shirt and takes it off. I try putting my hand under Vena's head to support it, but one of the bouncers yells at me to keep my hands on the bar. Grrr. Once more Maria grabs my hair. I am licking salt off of Vena's soft tummy and loving every moment. I could do this all night. I would like to do this all night, sans salt.

Tequila is poured. Filling a little valley in the swell of her tummy, then spilling down Vena's waist. Alcohol coats her supple alabaster skin, making her that much more intoxicating. As I'm licking, making lazy circles on Vena's savory skin, I catch a little tequila vapor which makes me cough a bit, but I don't care, I'm licking Vena's stomach and it's soft and slippery and tastes really, really good. Vena also has an innie, so I suck the liquor out of her belly button. I am very, very happy.

Again, the admonishment to be a gentleman before the eating of the lemon. Then I eat the lemon and give Vena a very deep French kiss. Mmmm, kissing sweet Vena. Kissing is very underrated and I always enjoy kissing beautiful women. I receive another very deep kiss when I tip her.

I promise her that I'll be back soon. "You better!" she says.


Lindsay said...

Good god...that part about the guy yelling "I Fucking Love Pussy" cracks me up. Randomness rocks. Alright...where's a pic of you for real?

Tricia in Kansas said...

what is up?

Mark Sasahara said...



Mark Sasahara said...

A pic of ME?

I don't think I have any good ones. I'm usually behind the camera.

Lindsay said...

Tricia...I can be friends with Mark too...gee, I didn't know that you had YOUR friends and I had mine.

Mark Sasahara said...

Oo! Catfight!

Um, can you girls, uh, put these bikinis on and just go over there under the lights...

Tricia in Kansas said...

no no no no no. I meant "what is up" as in I was still confused as to whether Mark wrote this or- I was confused because of the wording in the reply on my blog. I thought someone posted something random on his blog for fun. Except Mark didn't respond to me query anywhere nearly as fast as I require, so I came searching for answers here. Hence, the "what is up".

Sorry for the confusion.

Tricia in Kansas said...

I'm not trying to keep y'all apart. Dang. I swear. If you're not picking on mom you're picking on me.

Hey wait, I seem to remember a photo of Mark on this site. Yes yes, I recall it including Omarosa.

Tricia in Kansas said...

One more for the road: Mark, where the hell is this bar?!

Mark Sasahara said...

Yes, I did write the Friday Night Out story. It was my hijacking comment on Tricia's blog that got her all hopped up on goofballs.

Coyote Ugly Saloon, on First Ave between 9th and 10th Streets.

Kind of runs counter to the notion of coyote ugly chicks. 'Cuz at the saloon, they're hott.

I didn't know the place existed before Friday night, Then I met up with friends who took me there. Odds are, I'll be going back.

Just Googled it and it's a franchise. Huh.

Go here to see pix of Maria and Vena

On the grid there's a pic of Vena, in a blue top. Far left-first pic, second row and the next pic on the row is Vena and Maria, in red.

So, yes. Vena has Mark's requisite dark hair and blue eyes, Teh Hott.

Tricia, wasn't this the place you were supposed to work at, last year?

Tricia in Kansas said...

No, I was going for Red Rock West. I can't remember where that is, somewhere by the Roxy.

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