Thursday, November 17, 2005

Detroit 10/05

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I was in Detroit, with Todd, shooting a pitch tape about four moms in a rock band for a large production company and we are waiting for one of the subjects, Paige, to return home, so that we can videotape her. Not having had much sleep since arriving in the City of the Big Shoulders, Todd and I are both really tired.

It's mid October and we left New York after two cancelled flights due to a biblical deluge of rain when we flew out the day before and now here we are in Detroit, it's nice and sunny, warm and green. So we're semi dozing on Paige's lawn, waiting for her to bring her kids back from school. I must be really tired because I see this and think it's an interesting composition. I shoot it. I may be the only person who finds this remotely interesting.

I'm just a little ticked, because my crappy digicam cannot handle the contrast range, so the highlights on the sidewalk and the cans are pretty burnt out. The shoot, back in mid-October was fun, but gruelling. Not long after this photo was taken I got into a van and spent the next twelve hours driving to Minneapolis, with three "rock moms" and most of their gear, overnight. It's really hard to sleep in a van.

We were heading to the Twin cities for a gig. The Mydols-the rock moms have a band and that's waht they call themselves- were the between round entertainment for a Minnesota Rollergirls Roller Derby Match.

Got some great footage, Todd and I, but sadly I did not get to party with any of the Roller girls :~(( .

I did buy some nifty Rollergirl swag and passed it out to some of my sisters. I have a nice red wristband that makes a great eye piece cushion on my FU-1000 viewfinder. It matches the red on my XL2 and the Rollergirl logo looks great. I'll post a pic soon (less than a month).


Anonymous said...

nice cans, babe

twoputtbirdy said...

big cans

Mark Sasahara said...

Thirty gals!

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