Thursday, November 17, 2005

Church Spires, Manhattan. 11/05

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After spending part of a warm and lovely afternoon having lunch with my friend Jordan, I was walking up Broadway (I think) and the light was very interesting. Some of the church spires in light and some in shadow, with a bright blue sky and those sort of lenticular clouds.

I have to figure out how to store larger files on a separate page, because there are some really great details, but it's kind of hard to tell here. It is a nice picture, honest. Better than that shot of those
stupid barrels. Oy vey!


Tricia in Kansas said...

I like it!

Mark Sasahara said...


I reformatted, I didn't realize Photobucket would make the paragraphs all f-ed up.

I also re-wrote the Detroit entry.

twoputtbirdy said...

I'm inspired.

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