Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas re-imagined

Now that the re-imagined trailers have taken off, people are re-cuting and dubbing in new sound to create new videos.

Videos here

Here are a few from 10 Zen Monkeys, via Boing Boing and Candleblog

Boing Boing's videos linked to in '06

New look coming

Blogger is offering a new look. I will migrate soon.

This also features multiple authors and an RSS feed, so I'll be getting a little more into the 21st Century. Looking forward to having other folks being able to publish their thoughts and photos here.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Bronx sunrise

I have ben working on a short film and had to be in da BX at 7am. It was pretty nice out and the sunrise was partiularly stunning.


I was giving Charles (who's name is actually Chris), one of our PA's, a ride to the LIRR after a long day of shooting. After dropping him off at the Jamaica Station, I was looking for the way back home, when I spotted a likely place to pull over and look at the map. I looked across the street and I was in front of Club Kalua, where Sean Bell was killed. Very weird.
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