Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Celeb spotting

So, Lovi and I are out Tuesday, walking around going gallery hopping. We saw some really great stuff, W. Eugene Smith, VII- an agency of the world's best photojournalists, Nachtway, Kratochvil, Morris, plus others. Really outstanding stuff from Iraq, Bosnia, Afghanistan. We saw some other good stuff too. We ran into Chris' old boss and mentor, Elliot, who was also out and about. New York is a small town. Elliot joined us and we saw Clifford Ross' amazing large fomat prints.

As we were walking around, former Talking Head, David Byrne jogs by. He's wearing his iPod and cruising along, but he's moving a bit slow and tentatively, like he's making sure no one is watching. It was kind of funny. I can't jog more than a about fifty yards before I have to stop. I used to be able to run a mile in 4:28.

A couple of weeks ago, I saw Sting and his wife on the corner of Central Park West, drinking their morning coffee, or chai.

Oddly, Sting and Byrne were wearing a similar black sport jogging/exercise top.

After seeing Sting, a silly short film idea occurred to me:
Ext NY street corner, morning. It's a quiet Sunday morning, Sting and Trudie are out, they've gotten their morning cuppa and are heading to the park for a stroll.

Sting and Trudie are on the corner, Sting takes a sip of coffee and suddenly drops the cup. He makes a horrible face.

Slow motion as the cup crashes on the pavement sending coffee everywhere.

Trudie is sobbing and clawing at stings chest, slowly falling to her knees. Between sobs she just cries "No!".

Sting, now sobbing himself, looks up to the cold gray sky. The camera pulls away from a profile and goes low, circling him.

Cut back to close up "Why me"? he cries, arms spread wide, imploring.

Haven't quite figured out the ending, it's either a low angle close up on the cup and the coffee is frozen, or there's ice cubes inside, or cut to inside the coffee shop and some barista girl, with a funky wool hat on, is pouring ice into the coffee and she looks over her shoulder and smiles. I dunno.


Spine said...

Good movie. Two thumbs up!

Mark Sasahara said...


Mark Sasahara said...

Spine, any ideas for the ending?

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