Friday, December 16, 2005

Thank you K-ROCK

WXRK, the Alt Rock station here in NYC and home of Howard Stern.

Dead Air Dave, gave his farewell speech and Howard's show just started. I'm going to miss the station, but I'm curious to see how the new format sounds. Penn Jillette will have his own show, David Lee Roth will take over the morning drive time slot and Booker and his crew will be on 7pm to 11.

I'd like to go to Howard's rally, there'll be strippers, hookers from the Bunny Ranch, horny females, but I just have way too much pre-pro work for Jess Furman's music video-I'm shooting this weekend and I am talking to some other folks about a shoot in January. It sounds like the rally would be a crazy fun time, alas, duty calls.

I'm sure both Howard's site and the K-Rock site will have lot's of photos.

Rally goes from 8am to 10 am, I'm a bit late blogging this, but WTF. Go to West 56th St. between Fifth and Sixth enter on fifth Ave.

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