Sunday, March 27, 2005

Burger chain gives woman the finger

Or should I say: Woman fingers Wedy's in bizarre chili mishap

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Sales have dropped sharply at Wendy's fast food restaurants in the area of northern California where a woman claimed she found part of a finger in a bowl of chili, but analysts say the company's long-term prognosis should not be affected.

Peter Oakes, a restaurant analyst with Piper Jaffray & Co. in New York, said he doesn't expect Wendy's business to suffer long term from the discovery Tuesday night of a partial finger.

The hamburger chain serves about 6 million meals a day across the country and has a "national reputation for both quality and cleanliness," he said.

"To me the yard stick here is whether the single incident prompts the consumer to lose confidence in the brand. It's understandable to see some kind of knee-jerk reaction," Oakes said.

Franchise owners have informed the company's corporate headquarters in the Columbus suburb of Dublin that business is down, said Denny Lynch, spokesman for Wendy's International Inc. He said he could not release specific sales figures because Wendy's does not own those restaurants.

"It is an isolated incident. However, it is dramatically affecting sales in that market," Lynch said.

Authorities in San Jose, Calif., planned to search a fingerprint database on Friday to try to identify the finger's owner.

Capt. Bob Dixon of the Santa Clara County coroner's office said he did not know when their fingerprint expert might have a match. "Nobody's claimed it yet," he said.

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Tricia in Kansas said...

That's really gross. But worse than that is the thought of having my finger severed and then finding out where it is only because someone nearly ate it. But I'd like to think that I'd be proud of my little trooper for making the news all by himself.

Yes, for some reason, I decided that my hypothetical severed-finger is masculine.

Mark Sasahara said...

Famous finger fascinates a nation

Mark Sasahara said...

Famous finger nauseates nation

Mark Sasahara said...

I try not to imagine anything being severed from my bosy. It's too scary.

Mark Sasahara said...

Oops! that should be "body".

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