Friday, August 05, 2005


The New York Cine Equipment Show YES! I am a Cinephotovideo gearhead geek. I can't wait. I pray that I do not have a gig during this time. Who's coming with??
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My friends from ZGC will be there. That's where I got my nifty little XL2 package.
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The Mini35 would look great on my XL2.
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Course, I'll need a full case of the new Arri/Zeiss Master Primes. T/1.3 and so sweet.
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I want me one a these...
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and one a these.

Damn! I ain't got no dollars. Shit! Oh well. I'm going anyway. I do need parts for some of my broken gear. Maybe I can cut some deals on upgrades...


roger said...

After seeing your comments for months I decided to check your page!

Awesome, I didn't realize I was missing one of those trade shows. Did they have any info on the HVX-2000 or the Canon HL-whateverstupid$9000camerathatisstillHDV!!!!!
I'm starting to buy into the HVX hype and am getting excited!

I'm not sure why I'm posting this, so color me impulsive I suppose!

Mark Sasahara said...

Hi Roger.

well, uh, I never made it to the show, because I was gaffing on a horror film.

I've been too busy/lazy to post anything recently. I probably won't for another week, I'm going away to shoot some stuff.

Mark Sasahara said...

Not sure how I feel about HDV. If you're going to shoot HD, use a real camera. I have a MiniDV camera, but I think the format sucks. 1/3 inch chips are too small and there's lots of issues with interline jitter, so you have to be real careful about what people wear and things like that.

The problem is that there are a lot of producers that have no clue and if it isn't some form of HD, they're not interested. Most people don't have HD yet anyway, so why do you (the producer) care?

It's even more annoying when it's a corporate client and they want HD. They don't need it, but they've got to have HD.

The new Canon HDV is interesting, but I'm curious to see what lenses they have for it. I'm not sold on the electro lenses. pulling focus on them sucks and there are no distance, or focal length markings. You'd think they'd listen to people.

roger said...

Oh yeah, HDV looks horrible. I'm glad my friend got an XL2 instead of one of those Sony things.

The HVX intrigues purely because of the DVCPro signal it sends via firewire for Firestore drives. In terms of why I'm interested in HD? (Real HD, not HDV) I'm aiming for film festivals with the movie I'll be making, so to me shooting a higher resolution signal is a no brainer.

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