Tuesday, April 11, 2006

How I spent my Sunday

Alex Called me and asked me to Gaff for her. I said yes and had a fun time. The one down side was I forgot to take my allergy meds, so between the heat and dryness and dust, I ended up coughing so much I gave myself a sore throat.

Alex shooting. We used her DVX with the P+S Technic Mini35 Adapter and Zeiss Super Speeds, on a Seven Jib.

The idea was to have three women in a sort of cage in the middle of the desert. As if you were driving and happened upon them. Angel, Rachel and Sofia were made up very beautifully to look like exotic birds.



The lead shot of Sofia is my favorite. I shot a bunch of photos, but I didn't get anything great. I couldn't really concentrate as much as I would have liked, seeing as I was Gaffing and I didn't want to crowd Alex and interfere with the shot. These other shots of Rachel and Angel are okay, but not great.

I got to make a menace arm, which was fun. Luckily the studio had enough parts that we could do it. It wasn't as elegant as I would have liked, but you do what you can. I was originally going to use the 2x4x8 that I brought, but there was some Speedrail type metal tubing on hand and my Best, Jarrod, took a closer look at the speedrail on hand and found out that the two peices we needed were in fact the correct diameter to work with the grip hardware. It was very exciting. Thanks Alex!

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