Friday, July 21, 2006

Dave Chappelle

From the Man who brought you Black Bush and Black Tony blair (Jaime Foxx), Dave Chappelle. He's funny.

Found on Devil Ducky.

He's Rick James, Bitch!


flameape said...
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flameape said...

lemme know how you is- and your cell # too. email me homeslicer!

and RJ was a real man with CORNROWS???WHA? proof positive the man was on the pipe. stick with a "natural" be proud, man. sheesh. if RJ had an sfro in those days? that woulda been the shit. or even recently- before he died, i mean.

man i'm an idiot.
really. blogging is so passe', u know? like pet rocks...or or- the hustle. yeah i'm gonna start a foundation called "THE RICK JAMES FOUNDATION FOR THE PERSECUTION OF BLOGGING AND OTHER OUT OF DATE FADS".

because i'm angry, mark. i'm an angry petty person. now sure i have alot to be thankfull(sic) for- got lovely lady in my life, i'm a very talented and creative bloke, i am well liked or hated- no inbetweeners, i'm willing to meet the struggle of life as well as i can- not run away as much as i used to. hell i even know i'm a faulted, mindless hulk of a man 50% of the time - no better or worse than anyone else; no more or less entitled to any special breaks or considerations- unless karma is real or something like that i guess. but really- we are all just struggling, i guess. all of us are doin the "do", as best as we can. whether its the battle of the bulge or the struggle of the jewish diaspora- the lonely painful effort of van gogh creating the sunflowers in his eternal obsession for recreating beauty- golda meier asking for peace in her profound simplicity and strength; we all struggle. we all see and feel our measure of pain. like that weirdass rhino bukkake video you did in that opium den in paris? the one where you took that beasts full load square on your face? for free?!?!? man- that was the human condition right there.

i could go on with too numerous accounts of your humanity played out before me, mark. the "accidental" cruelties perpetrated on political enemies, the joyous victories; hell even the times you totally got away with murder being a macy's santa claus...heh. wow.

but none of that - none of those life-affirming moments could ever top or take from us the eye searing horror- or "life-perspective" of the RJ/cornrows. nope not ever. my eyes bleed an burn, mark. burt only because i'm aware of my fragile humanity. thank you.

oh WAIT. shit, that's CHAPELLE?? OH FUCK! HE'S FUNNY!!! FORGET WHAT i said, man!! that guys a hoot! i'm such an idiot!!! Hahhahahaha!! FUKKIN CHAPELLE, man! WOO_HOO!!!

ha. heh.

rhino bukkake...

Mark Sasahara said...

I got fifty bucks for that gig, man. I ain't cheap, but I can be had. I never work for free.

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