Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Kids these days

So, I'm walking home and I pass these little fourteen-year-old Korean girls, who are all saying goodbye. As they are walking away from each other, one of the girls calls out in a melodic tone: "Bye, my nigga". What's funny is that these girls are all fourteen, dressed in pink and white little outfits and they're Korean. Flushing is a 'hood, but it ain't Da Hood. KnowI'msayin'?

I've heard a few Chinese and Korean kids call each other nigga and a lot of the Hispanic kids too.

So, will "nigga" replace "dude'?

Nigga please!

As White Guy says: you are all my African Americans.

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Ann said...

First "Ho (whore)," then "nigga," and now "slut."

I'm taking a French class this semester. On campus, I've heard girls say, "Hey, slut," like is was "Hey, girlfriend."

In magazines and newspapers I've read "attention sluts," "media sluts," "pizza sluts." I've yet to read "slutty sluts," but it's only a matter of time....

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