Saturday, July 21, 2007

Taylor Mali on what a teacher makes

Slam poet Taylor Mali's hilarious and touching poem kicks ass.

Thanks Bill and youtube.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mark,

That was pretty funny. It was almost as good as "The Medieval Help Desk."

He has another one on proofreading. It makes the usual observations on spell checkers. On Geology papers, I typed quartz (the mineral) and the idiot word processor changed it to quarts. I spent over an hour entering geology words into a custom dictionary.

Yes, a teacher challenged me to do my best. LOL -Ann

Mark Sasahara said...

Yeah, I actually heard the proofreading one first, but I found What A Teacher Makes to be inspiring.

I think my high school photo teacher, Jeff Silverthorn, inspired me to do my best. Probably most of my photo profs from RIT as well. Hopefully, my short stints as a teacher at Burlington College and the New York Film Academy challenged my students to do their best.

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