Sunday, September 23, 2007

Not Sweating It, Bro.

This summer, Don't Sweat It went full speed and shot two seasons back to back. The crazy schedule, coupled with the really hot and humid weather made us all take naps every now and again. Here, during lunch, Ed uses his head as Jimmy double checks lumber measurements.


Miq-Tak said...

Just an unrelated note for you, Leica-lover

Mark Sasahara said...

Hey! How are things in VT?

Thanks for the link! I will finish reading later.

I owned an M3 and really loved it. If I ever get an MP, or M-4P, I know I'm gonna love it more.

Nowadays, I'm only shooting with my Panasonic LX-1 and it's pretty much the same as the Leica D-LUX2. Leica lens & badge, Panasonic guts.

Probably get an LX-2, or the D-LUX3, if I've got some extra cash.

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