Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Charlie Brooker is the somewhat overblown, misanthropic host of BBC 4's Screenwipe. A show that spits much needed postmodern deconstructionist invective at the telly, with Charlie's added snark. To steal a phrase, it's fucking brilliant. David Spade's Hollywood show is pretty good, but this really takes the piss out of all the smoke, mirrors, marketing, artifice and product placement that is television.

Screenwipe guide to television. This long but totally worth it. I promise!

Screenwipe make up their own version of the Apprentice, called the Unloser.
Part I

Part II

Part III

Animal Hospital

Upcoming shows, sat. nite shows, icons on the screen, Last of the Summer Wine

First episode, first ten minutes.

My Super Sweet 16, etc

Go to Youtube and do a search for "Charlie Brooker", or "Screenwipe" and watch bits of the show.

Brooker photo courtesy, The BBC
Thanks to Alexis and Kyle for the initial heads up.

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