Thursday, March 10, 2005

Name This Blog!

Greg started this site for me and named it, Thank you Greg!

I would like to rename my blog. Mark Sasashara is quite catchy, but I think
I need to turn it up to "11" and go for the gusto!

So I'm officially having a contest to


The winner will receive a ...a free...uhh
It's two a.m. and I can't really think of anything...

Hmmm, the winner will receeeeeive a.. ahh...
Cookie? No. Autographed picture of me? Nooo, dartboard. Pocky?

Oooo! Yes! The winner will get Pocky and various other Japanese bits
and treats. And lot's of it too, a good one or two boxes of Pocky. Wow!


Matty the Greek said...

Great to see you have a blog out. I'll put it on my daily rounds.

Oh, and here is your new blog name. Get ready. Here it comes...

Mark, My Words

Now you don't have to look anymore. There's genius right there! You can thank me later.


Bill said...

Okay, let the punning begin! I suggest:

"The Sasahara Desert"

Or, if you prefer to stay in the film vein...

"Mark it!"

Anonymous said...

Speaking of naming new arrivals, how's "Yer Mom".

Anonymous said...

(that was from DanZ)

ntodd said...

Pocky The Blog?

Mark Xs The Spot?

Triumph the Insult Comic Blog? (It's great...FOR POOPING ON!)

Marketplace for Fucked Up Ideas With a Twist of Lemon?

How's Yer Mom?


Mark Sasahara said...


Funereal dust bunnies

Mark's not a queen, he just lives there

That'll leave a Mark!

Marky's Posts (Get it? Ge it?)

I'm your Daddy!

Sock Monkey deathtrap

Big, long and hard. My, that's quite some thought process!

Man-child in yer mom's hand

I'm liking Mark It! and Mark My Words, 'cuz I'm an egomaniac at heart.

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