Thursday, April 21, 2005


No, It's not Secret Agent Man, or The Prisoner, it's a German HD camera,
The Drake.
720progressive, 24/25 FPS, pretty cool. Scroll down their page and check out the avi's they look pretty good, though the contrast has the whites clipping, wondering if their processors can handle a longer dynamic range.

"A 10bit lookup table and a 8bit data stream are recorded in real time. An export program converts the RAW data to 8bit or 10bit single frame sequences or video files (uncompressed or packed with "lossless avi codec"). The typical data rate of the uncompressed export video streams with 8bit color depth and 24 frames: 66 megabyte/sec. and 528 megabit/sec. respectively."

Pretty exciting that these guys, who I think are a very small company, can offer an HD camera for 15,000 Euros"!

DVInfo link

While at DVInfo, do a search for "Drake" and check out more about it and the filmmakers who are building it.

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