Monday, December 05, 2005

Funniest thing I saw today

I was driving down Broadway, unfortunately through Times Square, earlier today. I was slowing down to stop at the light and I noticed the naked cowboy guy, wearing only tightie whities, strumming away on his guitar, like it was seventy and a warm breeze was blowing.

As I stop, I look to my right and here comes this throng of very intent females in their 20's and 30's marching across the street. They are all looking at their cameras, bringing them up to their eyes, changing settings, getting cell phone cameras ready and are heading across to...

To take lots of pictures of the semi-naked cowboy. I laughed so hard, clapping my hands, it was the funniest thing I'd seen all day, possibly even all week. The intensity at which those ladies were crossing the street and their concentration on getting their cameras ready was great. I wish I had had MY camera. It was so quick and there was a lot of flashing going on.

If you are in Times Square and are not sure if you are seeing the naked cowboy, it says: "Naked Cowboy" on his ass. I wish I didn't know this.

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