Monday, January 16, 2006

Soon, me beauties.

Hey Y'all,

Busy for the next few days. I'll be posting some pix later, if I get the chance. Otherwise, you'll have to wait until Friday-sorry. If you're bored, you can always check the archives, if you haven't already.

There'll be some fun photos and a story with photos about my first trip, on foot, over the Queensboro Bridge.

Hi DanZ!

A funny note: I brought my camera over to Alexis' apartment so that she could output the video she and Matt shot for the Hallmark Channel. The camera that she had borrowed, didn't have a video in, so she asked to borrow my nifty XL2.

My reward for helping Alexis output her video was dinner and a bottle of vino.

We spent a lot of time trying to figure out if her video was broadcast legal. After checking various settings and calling Bill, we decided to just go for it and started making tapes.

We output her piece onto couple of Mini DV tapes and then had dinner, since it was getting late. We'd make a VHS copy after dinner.

Dinner was a very yummy homecooked meal of shells and a fresh tomato red sauce. Outstanding! Alexis loves to cook and is a great chef. Some hot pepper added a little heat to the garlic and tomato sauce. We also drank a couple of different red wines. I got to bring one home.

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with fresh blueberries and almond butter cookies. Sublime. She had wanted to serve them in martini glasses with a strawberry liquer, but she did not have either. It was still highy yummy.

I wasn't fond of the American cabernet, but the italian wine went well with both the meal and dessert.

After dinner I made the comment that she only liked me because I output. We both had a good laugh. It was funnier at the time.

After dinner, we played back through my camera to her VCR for a VHS copy.


muthaz said...

hi markS! hopefully the queensboro bridge doesn't get marked for demolition any time soon. that's a beaut.

Mark Sasahara said...

Hey! Ya made it. Thanks!

Bill said...

So was the Hallmark Channel happy with the output or what?

Mark Sasahara said...

Don'y know, I'll ask. I don't think they've called Alexis yet.

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