Saturday, January 21, 2006

Spring in January

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Today was a surprisingly warm and sunny day. I met Andrea and her boyfriend, Mat, at Union Square early this afternoon. Both Andrea and Mat work nearby at the cafe inside a large bookstore.

Of course I was late. Once A&M arrived we went over to another famous bookstore to bug Tricia, whom Andrea hadn't seen in a while. We spent about half an hour there chatting and catching up. Tricia had worked with me earlier in the week, so all the attention was on Andrea, Matt and Tricia. I ducked out to take a call from Francis.

Tricia had to get back to work, so we said our goodbyes. Mat had left a bit earlier, so Andrea and I went out to get some food. Before we left though, a sparkly, velvet flocked case full of Elvis note cards caught my eye and I decided they would be perfect Christmas Thank You cards. They were even on sale! Andrea asked for a card with Hawaii Elvis- a medium close-up of Elvis in his white jumpsuit singing into the mic with leis around his neck. She wanted me to write "Andrea is Awesome" in it. I will have to work on it on Monday. I'll get some colored magic markers and make it look really groovy, 'cuz I took 2-D art in college.

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We had some very tasty Japanese food at Ennju, on 17th St. The food was really good. Andrea got salmon sushi and I got the katsu don, sliced pork cutlet over rice with egg and onion. The onion was cooked so that it was sweet and gave the whole thing a nice flavor. I was thinking of getting some katsu sauce, but decided against it.

I was psyched when Andrea told me her boyfriend was also half Japanese. So, now we're Bro's.

Andrea told a funny story about being sick last month. She thought that she had strep and was feeling better, but then the anitibiotics wore off and then she felt really sick. She was feeling particularly awful and asked Mat to take a look at her throat. When he looked in, he screamed and jumped back. Her tonsils had turned black and were swollen.

Some help. But we had a good laugh at the re-telling.
She thinks it may have actually been mono. Thankfully she's in good health now.

After lunch, we headed our separate ways. It was so lovely out and still sunny, so I headed into Union Square to absorb some sun and take a few pix and Andrea headed back to Brooklyn.

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