Monday, February 27, 2006


It's 9:05pm and I'm eating Golden Time flute wafers, listening to Boards of Canada and procrastinating. I'm supposed to be cleaning my apartment.
UPDATE - I've added photos this morning!


Today (Monday), I helped Joel and Erica, friends of Mat move into their new aparment in Brooklyn. A lot of lifting and walking up stairs, but nothing seriously strenuous. Then we had yummy Malaysian food for lunch. Since Mat is Isadora's Godfather, he kept her occupied, while the rest of us unloaded the UHaul truck and walked everything up to the third floor. I can't think of any Godfather jokes at the moment.




I'm too Goddam lazy to photoshop the pix and post them. I'll do it tomorrow. Yes that sounds like a fine idea.


underexposed photo

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