Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Sony's CineAlta family has two new XDCAM cameras out, the PDW-F330 and the PDW- F350. The link at the bottom of the page is busted. Are the cameras busted too?

Side view of the PDW-F330, looks cool, I like the two tone plastic.

3/4 front view of the PDW-F350 Variable frame rate camcorder.

PDF page for the F350 variable frame rate camcorder. It has a 1/2 inch SuperHAD chips with 1.5Mpixel resolution, rather than 2/3 inch chips and will do 1-60FPS. 60i/50i, 24P,25P,30P capture, 4 channels of uncompressed 16bit/48kHz audio, 60 minutes of recording time @ 35Mbps on an XDCAM Professional Disc (<$30MSRP), SD/HD switchable, time lapse, etc.

Other links: Creative News

Do searches for PDW-F330 and PDW-F350 and you'll have plenty to look at, also there are a couple of other XDCAM cameras that are std def.

It's early and I have to head out for a gig, but that's all for now. -M


Clayton Sasahara said...

Hi Mark! My name is Clayton Sasahara and I found you at google. I'm from Brazil and curious because I"m work as tv producer here. I'm looking for people with my surname and same job. Do you have email?
Best Regards, Clayton

Mark Sasahara said...

Hi clayton. Can you tell me a bit about yourself? I wasn't able to respond earlier, I was working.

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