Thursday, October 12, 2006

Last Weekend

Last weekend I spent Saturday and Sunday shooting three webisodes, probably watchable in January. We need lots of hits, so that they'll pick up the show and order a full season of episodes. That means Mark gets gainfully employed for a few months (hopefully).

The theme song that seemed to be most popular on set was Iron Maiden's Run To The hills. The link goes to Maiden's official site. Scroll down the page, and in the lower half of the page are photos and video links. Hi rez or low rez.

Later, at about hour 20 Everyone's Talkin' was sung by Dan, the lead character. which was very funny since we were all pretty punchy.

There was a scene where there's a fire in the office. To represent the company's mainframe computer, we put a red light in a closet with our Gaffer, John, flashing it on and off rapidly and Moto was in there too, operating the smoke machine. While they were in the closet, madly flashing and smoking, there was a flash and a pop as some kind of electrical short in the red light occurred, which we captured on tape. Luckily the light kept flashing and there were no ill effects. There was a duet of "Whoa" that came out of the closet when the light shorted. It was kind of funny. We did three takes in quick succession, as the office quickly filled with the fake smoke. There was only one electrical flash

Photos Courtesy of Iron Maiden

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