Monday, January 22, 2007

At a Mexican Restaurant.

We were at a Mexican restaurant in Brooklyn after spending all day at a large corporation shooting products. Chris was DP, I was Gaffer/Grip/Dolly Grip and Jessica was in the basement editing and getting footage from the client.

Chris and I do a lot of important but small gigs like this, where it's just he and I and we're running around like crazy doing all this stuff. I got to do exciting things like set and level dolly track and rig the lighting. Not hard, but busy, though. Laying dolly track is always tedious.

I forget the name of the restaurant we went to afterward, but it was nice. I forget what I had, but it was really, really, good, I think it was tacos, or something.

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Anonymous said...

I see you photographed the whole enchilada. I like the 6th and the last photos. The 6th photo looks like radioactive super-juice. I think Bruce Banner drank that just before he turned into the Hulk. -- Ann

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