Thursday, January 18, 2007 is LIVE!

Inhuman resources, Part I

Turner's new website, is up and running, YAY! I blogged about the webisodes I shot earlier and the theme songs of the shoot.Inhuman Resources, can now be viewed.

Please check them out, sign up and vote for the episodes. It will take a few minutes to register, but it will be worthwhile, you can create your own profile and coolest of all, YOU CAN UPLOAD YOUR OWN VIDEOS! That means you Bill, Alexis , Mat and Rob! To vote there are a row of hearts in the box to the left of the viewer box. To vote: click on the last heart and that should give it the full five hearts. Thanks!

Here's Rob Kutner's page on Super Deluxe. Rob wrote the script and was making changes as we were shooting that long crazy weekend that we shot. There are links to both episodes on his page.


Anonymous said...

OK Been there, done that.

Now, you can visit my blog:

It's my collection of movies reviews. Don't worry. James Berardinelli has nada to fear from me. That's nada -- short for, not-a-damn-thing. -- A

Mark Sasahara said...

I've got to go out and watch some movies!

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