Sunday, January 14, 2007

The Real Thing?

And there's also Wenger "Maker of the genuine Swiss Army Knife". Both Wenger and Victorinox can be called Swiss Army knives, since they both have contracts to provide knives to the Swiss Army. Actually, looking on Victorinox's History page they bought Wenger in 2005.

Wenger has the rounded square with the cross inside. Wenger also have a broad range of knives & tools, plus cologne, bags & backpacks for travel and business, watches, etc.

Victorinox has the shield with the cross. "The Original Swiss Army Knife". They have a range of knives, tools- for the hand and the household, cutlery -for the home and professionals, biking tools, flatware, etc.

Wikipedia has nice entry about the two manufacturers.

Leatherman New Wave Tool. I had v1.0, the "old" tool.

Someone stole my Leatherman Wave Tool this past summer. So, I've been using my Victorinox Cyber Tool until I get another. I'm going to B&H tomorrow to finally get a replacement, plus I'll get a groovy LED flashlight for my troubles. The 15th is the last day of the special. I hope they still have them. I got the Cybertool and Wave when I worked at Peregrine Oufitters.

Victorinox Cyber Tool 34

I also got a really sexy Ken Onion Blackout, a spring assisted knife. A legal swithblade. I've always been fascinated by them. Again, stolen. I guess I'm not meant to have nice things *Sniff, sniff* :~( .

That was an intersting time. I first started working there part time to fill in the income gaps that came between film and photo shoots, when I was in VT. I remember getting a citation on the first anniversary of loyal Peregrine serfdom. I realized that the stop-gap employment had become a full time gig and that I really needed to get out of there and get my ass down to New York City. I also had a girlfriend that worked there and that was a complete fucking mess.

I've been in NYC for almost three years and I'm doing pretty well, shooting things for the tellie, etc. Working my way up the food chain.

I always carry my trusty Wenger Pocket Tool Chest. I haven't pried my way out of a burning lift, but it comes in handy almost every day. I have to get a couple of replacement toothpicks, my second one broke a few months ago. I brush daily, so it's not a complete loss.

I've used the tweezers to hold diffusion on a practical light, while on a shoot. The knife blade serves as a letter opener, gel and tie line cutter. I've used the bottle opener and screw drivers quite a bit. The Cyber Tool has also stood me in good stead. I've used it on set quite a bit and the bit driver is quite handy. I even used it on my computer.

I may also get a Gerber Multi Tool, a 600, or some such, but I'm keen on another Wave Tool. What I like is that the Gerber's needle nose pliers can be deployed with the flick of the wrist, which is quite handy when you have to change scrims on a hotlight.

Oh, you know you have a real Swiss Army Knife if "Victorinox", or "Wenger" is stamped on the Master Blade's tang.

Photos courtesy Wenger, Victorinox and Leatherman


Anonymous said...

Victorinox is a cut above the others. -- A

Anonymous said...

You're right !
Victorinox is above Wenger in quality. Leatherman is not in the group. I think they are independant.
For watches (en - fr)

Mark Sasahara said...

Yes, Leatherman are not related. This post is about my various tools and knives that I use. I think I like my Leatherman a little more, but I also like the Cyber Tool and Mini Toolc

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