Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Vero Beach

Love is a double tap to the head. Me and the AR-15

I forgot I had these pix from a shoot I did for Court TV's Psychic Detectives, last October. We were shooting re-enactments of a double murder that happened near Vero Beach, Florida, in the late 70's. Phil Jordan, a psychic who lives in upstate NY, helped the Indian County Sheriffs Dept. solve the crime. It's pretty amazing. We were down there for five days and had a really good shoot. We also ate very well for dinner every night. I think I gained about ten pounds.

One of the Indian County Sheriffs let me play with an AR-15. Nice, light weight. Didn't get fire it though. Darn.

Producer Vanessa, prepping the lead car, before we roll tape on an exciting sequence of police cars racing out of the station with sirens wailing. I'm futzing with the tripod, or something. I'll have to teach Mat, our PA/Everything Man to photograph me looking iconic, or at least heroic, not moronic.

One of the best parts about the shoot was that I actually got to shoot real film. Woo hoo! While it was only an Arri-S, it was still fun. Steve, the owner/Producer of Superfine Films, the production company, gave me carte blance to do pretty much whatever I wanted. The film parts were when Phil, the psychic, was having his visions, so I got to get funky. Really fun. Bizarre closeups, out of focus, twisty-dutch, funky stuttering motion, all kinds of fun things. I still haven't seen any of the footage, but I'm told everyone loves the episode. Or, so they tell me.

The episode will air in a little while. I'll be sure to alert y'all.

Thanks to Mat B for shooting these and sending them to me.


twoputtbirdy said...

I believe it to be much better for the innocent citizens of Vero Beach, having you diddling behind a camera instead of a high powered automatic weapon. Just a thought.

Any dream sequences when you were holding your weapon?

Mark Sasahara said...

Such a kidder.

The only dreams were delusions of grandeur and world domination.

Anonymous said...

So Mark, is the rifle an M-16, as labelled, or an AR-15, as mentioned in the text?

We should go to Vegas with Claire and Joe and shoot off some rounds. If we take Eric as our drill sergeant, he could probably teach us a thing, or two. -- A

Mark Sasahara said...

Vegas would eb fun. shoting automatic weapons, funner.

That is an AR-15, the civilian vesion of the M-16. I shot 16mm film which is altogether very different and much less dangerous.

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