Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hamptons International Film Festival

Tis The Season, a short film that I shot last year, is an official entry at the Hamptons International Film Festival. We had a great time shooting, despite the subzero temps. Our little star, Jayden, was a real trooper and even though she wasn't feeling her best, she turned in a great performance. Bern Cohen and Jayden's mom, Ann, also did a great job. Ann is a former Rockette and Bern has been in just about everything.

Bern puts on gloves between takes

Watching the monitor during playback. From left, Hila, Bob and his brother Tom.

Of course, during that whole winter, there was no snow. We shot on a weekend where it was threatening to snow, which would have shut us down. The first day of production started out not too cold, but then the next two days were below zero and of course, we were outdoors the whole time. People ran back to cars and vans to get warm and our lunch on the second day was at a friend of the producer's, just a couple of blocks away.

Me rehearsing with our Producer, Sarah.

I parked as close as possible to set (my car's bumper is at the far left of frame)and I made sure Camera World was right next to Crafty. Adam, left, and Matt wait for the word. Mat was my AC and got things together pretty quickly. I think we got there at around six, or seven.

Tom came to set to shoot behind the scenes footage. No doubt for extra features on the DVD :~) .

Ann, Jayden and Bob answer questions at the Domani Vision Film Festival this past September.

Adam and I with my XL2, CW's camera jib, my dolly and track.

So many cameras on set! Moto shot stills for us. Tom is in the background rolling on other fun happenings.


Anonymous said...

How did your film do at the Hamptons? -- Ann

Bob said...


These are GREAT shots!! I'm saving all of them to my hard drive, and someday I'd like all of them if possible in some emailed folder or such. (And with film festival shots as well.)


Mark Sasahara said...

Thanks! Sorry Ann, I forgot to comment we did okay, we didn't win anything but we had a decent amount of people watching the film.

Bob, I thought that I had sent these photos to Sarah. I can certainly send you pix.

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