Friday, November 02, 2007

Triple 30

Indy rocker, Arthur Adams, of the San Francisco based band Blammos, is doing something very ambitious for the month of November: thirty songs, over thirty days and thirty music videos.


Check out Blammos' Blog


BLAMMOS does November:
30 days 30 songs 30 videos

Each day Arthur will be posting a video on the blog. Each video will feature a different song. They will range from live performances to music videos to multimedia experiments to who knows what. They will be shot in various locations featuring members of BLAMMOS, friends, relatives, other bands and strangers. They will be shot the same day they are posted (unless he's REAAAAALLLY busy, in which case there will be two the following day).

Here is the video I shot for Bill and Arthur last year. Candleblog Captain and filmmaker Bill Simmon may fly on over and help Arthur make some groovy vids and maybe a song or two, too.

Watch Blammos Does November videos here. The first one is already up, so keep going back to the Blammos Youtube page through November to see and hear the fun.

Thanks to Bill & Arthur.


BLAMMOS said...

Thanks for the plug Mark! Hope I can stick it out for the whole month! Check out video number two right here:

Mark Sasahara said...

Go Arthur! I know you can do it.

here's an idea for a song, listing to this:

dee dee dee doo doo doo, ba da boop dee doo...

That's good right?

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