Sunday, March 13, 2005

And the Winner IS...

Thank you to all who particiapted, all four of you, in this very exciting and historical event.

The winner for my "Name This Blog Contest" IS...

The Spiffy Satanist!

The Cloven-Footed Clothes Horse

The Winner of a bunch of pocky an' shit!

Ladies and Gentlemen!
That Diabolical Dandy, Matty The Greek!

Congratulations, Matt and thank you for naming my blog. Thanks to Bill, who earned Second Place with "Mark It!"

Matt was the first one to respond and gosh, he was right. Cheers, mate! Thanks also to DanZ and Ntodd, both of who tied with most sentimental title: "How's yer mom". Hugs and kisses, mwa, mwa, mwa!

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