Saturday, March 19, 2005


WorldCom execs to pay out of their own pockets. Good. They should strip these bastards of everything they own, money, property, assets, EVERYTHING. These people have perpetrated fraud against their own employees and their investors, so they should loose everything and be left penniless on the street. Their families should be made to suffer too, down to taking the money that their children and have distribute everything to the 20,000 employees until there is nothing left. Everything taken, and the offending families must be made to participate in the distribution of their wealth and property, so that they may feel the wrath of the people who were wronged. At the end they should have nothing except the clothes on their backs.

Let them feel the sting of Dubyanomics and get some faith based help. Bernie Ebbers will be on his knees in the bus station men's room trying to get bus fare. Oh wait, he'd trick his wife and daughter into that.

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