Thursday, March 17, 2005

Sober on St. Patty's

So, it's 4PM on Saint Patrick's Day and I'm stone cold sober. I think I'm going to have to go to the Korean 24 hour bodega and get a six of Colt 45 tallboys. Heineken is okay, but here in NYC, it's $10 for six 12 Oz bottles. Colt 45 Malt Liquor, on the other hand, is $8 per 16 Oz can. BARGAIN! As long as I drink it really, really icey cold and quickly, it's not so bad.

I was going to go to the St. Patricks Parade in Manhattan, but ended up sleeping in, instead. I finally fell asleep last night around 5am. Not sure if it was the decaf coffee, bad date, or all the things I'm supposed to be doing, but not, that kept me awake.

After I finish doing a couple of the things I'm supposed to be doing, I'll head over top the store for some bad malt liquor.

Guess I better put some pants on, it's cold!


ntodd said...

Don't forget to wear your pants when going to get the 45s...

Anonymous said...

be sure to get some green dye for those 45's


Mark Sasahara said...

DANG! It's 11:20pm and I still haven't left to get them Colts! And now it's time for bed. Early rise tomorrow to help Lovi shoot architecture.

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