Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Music Video weekend in BTV

I was supposed to leave Queens Friday and drive up to Vermont, for a weekend of music video making with Bill Simmon, shooting a Blammos vid with our old pal, Arthur Adams. I was busy trying to get a gig for this week and a few other things. I didn't get the gig.

I, of course, didn't end up leaving until Saturday morning, but I made pretty good time, being able to do about 80 most of the way. I like to drive fast, especially on the highway. I did have to slow down a bit when I encountered snow squalls. I drive fast, but I also drive sensibly. I really don't want to kil anyone, nor do I want to die. You don't speed when you are in a white out. Gradually drop your speed by letting off the gas completely and put your flashers on so that hopefully some idiot who IS speeding sees you and doesn't rear-end you.

Many years ago, while covering a multi car accident on I-89, in S. Burl., I watched as my car got rear ended by some stupid driver who wasn't paying attention to the road. She hit the same patch of ice that caused the initial accident, slammed into my car, pushing it into a woman's car with enough force to wreck my car and the third car. My car was way off the road, on the grass. Moron. I used part of my monopod as a splint for the driver's boyfriend, who had broken his leg. This was on a clear sunny day.

I keep a sharp eye out for bears and anything that may hamper the progress of a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed. I have to move into the right lane to make way for someone going about 85, or 90. I always like it when someone drives faster than me, because then I can let them be bear bait. I'll hang back a bit and match their speed. That way I have enough time to react and slow down if a cop sees them.

As I mentioned before, I took a different way to Vermont and it was much quicker, course it might have also been the fact that I didn't pull over fifty times. I only pulled over twice.

As one of the snow squalls was clearing, I drove past a minivan that had gone off the raod and was on it's side. It must have flipped, because the roof was dented pretty badly. Luckily, everyone seemed okay and someone was pulling suitcases out of the vehicle, while another person stood by the side of the road, waiting for the cops to come. I had thought about pulling over, or saying something to the guy standing by the road, but already, there were several other vehicles puled over to the side, so I thought it best to keep moving and not add to the problem.

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Shooting was pretty mellow. Bill hadn't really done much pre-pro. He had kicked around some ideas with Seth and I assume Arthur, but we hadn't spoken much about it other than we'll make it up as we go along. The basic concept was Arthur relaxing at home, playing video games and generally slacking. The song is Bye, Bye, Bye.

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The best part, for me at least, was the Fly Girls: Alex, Ashleigh and Emily. The Fly Girls are Arthur's imaginary backing chorus as he sings in his jammies.
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twoputtbirdy said...

They may be called fly girls, but it looks as if it would need plently of turbo lift to get them air born.

Mark Sasahara said...

You pusilanimous pug! How dare you insult the honor of the Fly Girls!

They are fair, fly AND fresh!

Arm yourself, you worm! En garde!

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