Wednesday, February 22, 2006


Within a few hours of my arrival in BTV, Bill had set up Sitemeter for me so that I can see if anyone actually visits my blog. Apparently people do. This is good news.

I made a passing comment about finding out of people are reading my blog and Bill was off the couch and typing away at his Mac, showing me all the different stats, ways to see who's checking out the blog and the wonders of Sitemeter.

I was a bit worried that no one was reading, but according to Sitemeter, I have readers as far away as Singpore and Kuala Lampur, Lithuania and around the U.S.

I encourage everyone to please leave comments. While you do have to jump through a couple of hoops, it's not a huge deal. I have the word verification turned on because I was getting spam in my comments, so this is a small step so that real humans can make real comments. I don't care what spambots have to say, it's all crap. Death to spammers and spambots. If that makes me a bigot, well, so be it.

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