Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Foundry

I did a job this past January at The Foundry, in Long Island City. The weather was beautiful and the sun was setting creating beautiful light. I was wishing for my 4x5 and a 75mm lens.

I used the Photoshop perspective control functions. They work pretty well. Course, nothing beats a view camera. Ah, the days when I shot 8x10 and made 20x24 prints.


Anonymous said...

Interesting clouds, but I've always loved your flower pix. -- Ann

Mark Sasahara said...

Thanks! Flowers and urban landscapes are my faves. I wish there were a way to have links to larger photos. You really have to see it enlarged to appreciate the space and the colors.

My photos should be big, so you can inhabit them and "walk around a bit" inside the photos.

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