Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Sex and the City Death Rumor

New Line Cinema

Well, I'm not much of a SITC fan, but I love this article and I like that they think maybe there is a death in the film.

According to the AP:
The death rumor has led to some naughty speculation. One of the naughtiest: New York Magazine suggested that Charlotte, the pretty and perky Park Avenue socialite, could be killed in a freak tennis accident.

Ooo! I love tennis accidents! They're always soooo messy.

Like this one:

Here's the AP article.

Thanks to: Earthlink, AP and New Line Cinema.

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Anonymous said...

This Sunday is Narnia, part deux; and then, next Sunday is Indiana Jones, and then I have to catch "Ironman" sometime in between. Sorry, I simply do not have time to seen SITC. It's so low on my "to-do" list that I'll just skip it. --Ann

P.S. I saw "The Forbidden Kingdom" last Thursday. It *is* the dream team-up. And, I saw "Jumper" a second time.

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