Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Jess Furman's CD Release

Formerly a New York, now LA, Singer/Song Writer, Jess Furman had her CD release and going away party a while ago. I've been bad about posting, but here's my favorite photo of the night. Jess had played a few tunes on guitar and then stepped over to the piano for a few as well. She and her band played a great set of new tunes.

I love my Lumix, but it doesn't have anything like an 80-200. The pix would have been much better on film, but I'm too cheap. I'd love a Nikon D3, but I'll have to save my pennies for other things, like the rent. This is cropped quite a bit, so it's noisy and the picture itself is already really noisy on top of that. Great.


JF said...

Nice shot Mark! Glad you were able to come out! :-) -jess xo

Mark Sasahara said...

Thank ya darlin'.

How's LA?

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