Saturday, January 07, 2006

View from AMC Theater

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Alexis wanted to see Match Point and Walk the Line Thursday. I accepted the invitation and met her at the AMC Theater in Times Square. As we made our way to the sixth, or seventh floor to see Match Point, we were greeted by this lovely view of afternoon light hitting these buildings. I love the little satellite dish in the corner. I think I might go back and try a few more. I'm not quite satisfied. The perspective is a bit skewed, but the colors are pretty good. I'll be looking around to find out which buildings these are. Actually, I'll send Mr. Lovi here to ID these buildings.

For Match Point, we got to the theater before the film started, but the seat selection sucked. Lot's of single seats, but not two together. Alexis found a spot off to the side of the stairs with two seats. When I sat down though, the wall/railing cut into my view. Oy, what a pain. Alexis lent me her coat and I folded it and mine up so I could get a little height under my ass. It worked, but only if I leaned a little to the left. She started to gripe about it and I told her not to talk about it. The less I think about it, the less annoying it is. My ass got numb about halfway through. I had to keep shifting in my seat to keep the blood circulating. I need a girlfriend to massage my buns when I go to the theater.

As per Alexis' plan, we were naughty and after Match Point ended, we snuck into Walk The Line. We liked both movies, but felt that Walk the Line edged out Match point. Sorry, I'm at a loss for any tennis analogies. We got better seats for Walk, since we were early.

So I guess that's the price I pay for sneaking into a second show. But, technically, I did pay for my ticket to Match Point and not for Walk, so wouldn't I have gotten the bad seat for Walk? Hmm, God/Karma/Film works in strange ways.

I'm a big Scarlett, stalker/fan, but methinks my obsession with her may be coming to an end. I wasn't that excited about her in Woody's film. Though she looks good in a gauzy thin shirt that's soaking wet. Okay maybe I'm not completely done with her.


twoputtbirdy said...

It is one of the new ugly hotels. I think it's a Marriot, but the upscale variety, so they refer to it as only "M".

Mark Sasahara said...

I finally found it. The taller building in the back is the Westin New York. It has the white curve on the south side, you can se it in the pic.

Still trying to figure out the shorter building with the funky wals.

Mark Sasahara said...

Help, I can't spell.

Tricia in Kansas said...

It's not that bad. I didn't even notice the "l" the first time. I like your photos.

alexis said...

This is an amazing photo. Love the angle, colors, everything! My roommate said it looks like a painting. We desperately need you to make a print for us. I remember the view when you took the shot and it was pretty great there but this is actually even more breathtaking!

Mark Sasahara said...

Aw, shucks.

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