Sunday, January 01, 2006

What is this?

Anyone care to guess what this is?

Image hosted by


Long_Division said...

You mean in regards to Joy Division or something more technical?

Mark Sasahara said...

Just looking to see if anyone was alive out there. Thanks for checking out my site.

Years later, Joy Division is still a great band. I like the cover art, but I think I like their album Closer better.

I was trying to come up with interesting things to put on the blog. Then I remember that I saw the art in a couple of different places, over the week. So, in my desperation, dredged up the art and posted it. Some days aren't as good as others.

Just curious, what brings you to my little bog? P.S. Nice Elph.

Long_Division said...

My friend Charlie knows your friend Tricia. And you and I both live in New York.

Mark Sasahara said...

Ah, yes. Yesterday, I went to your blog and saw a reference to Candy and Nuts and while I do not know her, I know that she knows Tricia and that's when I figured out.

I hope that you'll continue to stop by. Things are kind of slow business-wise, so I'll likely be posting daily. Gads! Possibly more than once a day.

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